Gandyr Group Vision

Gandyr Group, owned by Judith Yovel-Recanati, combines financial activities and investments in more than 30 companies from various fields, with familial philanthropic support of Israeli civil service organizations and young adults.

The Group is led by a professional, devoted and highly experienced team.

Our team members come from various areas of finance & society, combining personal vision, family spirit & deep involvement in the success of the business & social ventures.



Meet the Team


Jonathan Irroni - Gandyr Group CEO and manager of Gandyr’s investment activities
Jonathan has extensive experience in banking and business. He was, among other roles, the chairperson of the Bank of Jerusalem and CEO of Investech Bank (U-Bank of today).



CPA Haim Dvir (Deutch) – Executive Manager:
Haim brings extensive knowledge on business and taxation.
He was a senior partner at the Somech-Haikin KMPG CPA firm.


Dr. Naama Meiran -
 Managing Director of the Gandyr Foundation since Feb 2019 after holding the position of Programs Director at Gandyr Foundation. Naama previously served as a Project Manager at the Rotschild Caesarea Foundation. Beforehand, she served as a senior organizational consultant in the business sector and lectured at Ben-Gurion University and Tel-Aviv University. Naama is an organizational psychologist holding a PhD from Ben-Gurion University. Her PhD dissertation dealt with the dialogue between the individual and the organization, within the course of organizational changes.



Efrat Binyamin - Director of Programs at the Gandyr Foundation. Previously served as Head of Communities in the Ministry of Social Equality. Efrat has MA in Administration and Public Policy and a decade of experience in the third sector in the field of  Young Adults and people who has disabilities.



Sharon Medina
- Gandyr Group office manager and administrative director of the Gandyr Foundation.