Management leads to achievements in the third sector

Management leads to achievements in the third sector – what can be learned from successful executives in the business sector?  A summary of the doctorat research made by Gandyr funds’ CEO Dr. Ronit Amit. The researchs’ objective is for social organizations to develop theoretical and practical knowledge on quality management to raise the achievements of the organization and realize it’s goals.

Achievement oriented management – Presentation

Achievement oriented management – Full research

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Why business thinking is not the answer

An article by Jim Collins conducted by Dr. Ronit Amit. The article deals with the management, modeling and business metrics often required from the social sector  asking them to imitate the business sector. Actually forgeting that there are many differences between the business  and the social world. Jim Collins’ article tries to analyze and explain these differences


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The Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund is a unique new combination of philanthropic organizations in Israel and abroad promoting civic service in Israel. The target populations which the foundation turns to are Youth at Risk, Youth with disabilities, minorities. The purpose of the fund – to use the civic service as a mechanism of social mobility for young people. more details at:

 The opportunity fund