Dr. Ronit Amit, CEO of Gandyr Foundation, was a guest on Michal Daliot radio show.

In the show Ronit spoke about 'Emerging Adulthood' - the definition of a new life stage (18-30) in child development and the difficulties and frustrations that define this period.
To the show (HEB)
Forming a govermental authority for Young Adults in Israel16.08.17

On July 23rd 2017 The Israeli government has passed a resolution to establish a new Young Adults Authority in the Office for Social Equality and to include Young adults in decision making and setting out of policies through various bodies.

The Government Decision (HEB)
I have a right for Opportunity26.05.16

The Opportunity Fund and the Gandyr Foundation are happy to share with you the upcoming launch of the "I have a right for Opportunity" campaign.

The aim of this campaign is to increase the awareness of national service for young adults with disabilities, both in the general public, professionals and service candidates.

The campaign is launched by The National Civic Service Forum in full cooperation with the Civic Service Authority and The Opportunity fund.

The campaign will be advertised mainly via Facebook and the Forum's communities to parents and relevant professionals.

Link to the campaign's video: I have a right for Opportunity

Please watch the video - it is moving and inspiring - you are welcome to share it.