Welcome to the Gandyr Foundation

The Gandyr Foundation is an Israeli family foundation founded in 2004 by Judith Yovel Recanati and her family: her late husband Dr Israel Yovel ,and her three daughters,  Daria Yovel-Azury, Noa Yovel-Maoz and Gili Yovel-Saragosti. The name Gandyr is composed of the first letters of the family members’ names: Gili, Noa, Daria, Yehudit and Rolly.

The Foundation works to strengthen Israeli society and focuses mainly on supporting civil society organizations that take social and moral missions upon themselves.

When creating the Foundation two central goals were brought together:

The first goal was to connect the next generation of the family to the philanthropic cycle. The second goal was to professionalize the paths of action of the supported organizations in order to create a type of social investment that has a strong influence on the fields the Foundation is active in.

Gandyr Foundation continues a three generation tradition of Israeli philanthropy that began with Judith’s grandfather, Leon Recanati. The Foundation is run by the family members and a professional staff which includes Dr. Ronit Amit – CEO, Dr.Naama Meiran – Program Director and Sharon Medina – Foundation Administrator.

The Foundation’s Vision

As a family foundation continuing a tradition of social contribution, we strive to create an Israeli society based on equal opportunities;

which enables its citizens to realize their full social and personal potential;

and encourages them to contribute and take responsibility for their environment and community,

all out of respect for the other and with courage to create change.

In our vision we see the state of Israel as a democratic state, based on an active and diverse civil society, maintaining a fruitful dialogue among its three sectors: the public, private and the social sectors, to create a prosperous and sustainable society.

The Guiding Principles of the Foundation’s Activity

  • Providing support that will lead to significant change in the Foundation’s fields of practice, while focusing on developing evaluation tools for examining the influence of our actions.
  • Active accompaniment and involvement of the Foundation in the projects it is invested in, according to need.
  • Working with organizations with similar goals and creating partnerships between supported organizations, with the understanding that cooperation is necessary to strengthen the third sector and increase their chances of success.
  • Establishing partnerships that will enable the long term existence of programs and organizations.
  • Encouraging innovative programs and giving them the opportunity to grow and gain state wide influence in the future, including integration in government office activity on a national scale.

Our Areas of Activity


Young Adults

Young Adults

The Foundation’s main goal is to promote young men and women aged 18-30 towards their integration in Israeli society as contributing beneficial citizens in all areas of life: on the personal, familial, social and occupational level.

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The Foundation supports Sheatufim Center. Sheatufim, The Israel Center for Civil Society, works to support third sector organizations in their efforts to improve professional management, access relevant information and knowledge, influence public policy, and foster inter-sector dialogue and collaboration, as well as to promote an active Israeli philanthropic community.

Sheatufim Center site

Youth Movements (Until 2012)


Until 2012 the Foundation supported youth movement activities in Israel’s various social and geographical peripheries. We focused on the development of Jerusalem youth movements, in increasing its participants’ number and in establishing a core of graduate instructors. Recently, in light of a strategic decision to focus on the area of young adults, the Foundation decided to end the youth movement field support.


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We invite other support organizations to contact us, and join forces to promote our common goals!