We see Israel’s young adults (approximately 30% of its citizens) as a central and essential state resource. Our aspiration is for young Israeli adults to choose to live in Israel and optimally actualize their potential. These young adults are the future leaders of Israel; they will bring social, environmental and financial prosperity.


The Foundation’s Goal

To promote young adults aged 18-30, towards their integration in society as contributing beneficial citizens in all areas of life: on the personal, familial, social and employment levels.

Who is a Young adult

WHOIS 340During the last years awareness to the unique characteristic of the 20-30 (and even 35) age group has risen.

A new stage of life is developing in current society.
Five milestones mark the transition to adulthood: graduation, leaving home, financial independence, marriage, creating a social group of relevance.

Consequently we should relate to the period of young adulthood as a critical period in one’s life.
The choices made during this period effect each and every young adult’s future way of life, achievements and happiness.

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Main Objectives

Main Goals
In order to raise awareness to the existence of the young-adults society and their unique characteristics and needs, the foundation will act upon:

  • Encouragement of national & municipal policy to promote young adults.
  • Empowerment and contribution to the professionalization of the organizations.
  • Promotion of services for young adults.
  • Establishment of a young and involved leadership group.
  • Contribution to the development of knowledge and practical research in the field

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Core Areas and Strategic Partnerships

The Gandyr Foundation has been supporting programs for young adults for some years now. It was among the founders of the Centers for Young Adults in Israel, took part in the development of civic service options for marginalized populations and among the founders of the Opportunity Fund. Gandyr encouraged leadership programs and the development of young adult communities for women, participated in the establishment of programs for young adults at risk. The Foundation’s main activity areas are detailed below:

Centers for Young Adults in Israel

Youth CentersThe Centers create a systematic strategic platform that seeks to put the subject of young adults on the national agenda and formulate a general, comprehensive and regulated solution for the needs of young adults in their areas of residence.
The Centers strengthen the social and geographic periphery and create a society of young adults with inner strength, leadership and social liability.

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Civic Service & The Opportunity Fund

Opportunity FundThe Opportunity Fund is a unique partnership between philanthropic foundations from Israel and abroad, dedicated to the promotion of civic service in Israel.
The Fund’s goal is to provide thousands of young adults who want to serve and see it as a privilege, with the opportunity of a meaningful and effective service. The fund focuses on young adults with disabilities, at risk or from the Arab society.

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Social Involvement & Young Leadership

תSocial InvolvementOur goal is to encourage and develop young adult leadership in Israel and increase the number of young adults who choose activism as a tool for promoting the interests of their age group and of Israeli society.

We will focus on forming leadership groups and increasing the number of young adults active in public services as Knesset members and local authority council members.

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Coalitions and Forums

ForumsDuring the last years the understanding in the third sector that wide scoped social issues cannot be solved by a single organization is strengthening.
Based on this understanding the Foundation has begun enabling & encouraging collaboration between organizations with common areas of activity by creating effective and designated forums.

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Organizational Infrastructure & Knowledge Development

Student-Reading-in-Librar-008Gandyr supports the development of existing knowledge regarding young adults on various levels:

  • Academic research
  • Position papers
  • Sharing knowledge among organizations and developing work models
  • Developing Organizations’ Infrastructure
  • Easing access to young adults rights & services data

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The Young Adults’ Rights Portal

Yound Adults RightsGandyr supported and funded activity aimed at creating a website dedicated to young Israeli adults’ rights.
This web portal is frequently updated with relevant data and is embedded within a general platform containing information on various rights and populations promoted by the “Kol Zchut” organization.

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