Developing Inter-Organizational Partnerships: Coalitions and Forums

The understanding that wide scoped social problems cannot be solved by a single organization has lately strengthened in the third sector. These kinds of problems demand collaboration between a variety of players, agility and team work in order to promote real change in the social arena. Based on this understanding The Gandyr Foundation began promoting collaborative associations of organizations with common activity areas.

Below is the list of active forums:


The National
Civic Service Forum

civic service forums
The Forum began its work in 2010 and consists of organizations that are central players in the area of civic service for minorities, young adults with physical & mental disabilities and young adults at risk. Since the foundation of the Opportunity Fund in 2011 it serves as a “fund of funds” that unites all philanthropists that support this field, and the Forum acts as a network organization for all the organizations in this arena.

Organizations’ Forum for Young Women at Risk

Young Women Forum
This Forum was established based on the understanding that the acute housing crisis of young women at risk puts them in situations that deeply hurt their dignity.
The common aspiration of the forum organizations is to create innovative housing models that suit their needs and simultaneously promote a housing assistance procedure for them in collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Housing.

Organizations’ Forum for Young Adults at Risk

Young at risk forum
The Forum brings together a variety of organizations that run programs for young adults at risk.
All the collaborating organizations deal with situations of risk and poverty that restrict the ability of these youngsters to meet their potential.

The Forum members study the field together and strive to formulate joint training for the organizations’ teams


The ‘Public Service is Ours’ Forum

Public service forum
A forum that brings together organizations and programs that see their goal as creating a path for absorbing quality young adults in Israeli public service, which is today characterized as being blocked before young adults. The Forum is currently launching a campaign in support of a human-resources reform in Israeli public service.


The Forum for Volunteer Managers

Volunteers Forum
The Forum is collaboratively run by the Gandyr Foundation, Joint Volunteering (JDC) and the Ministry of Education. It brings together volunteer managers from various third sector organizations. The Forum focuses on joint learning of the volunteering field, providing relevant managerial tools and examining the volunteer managers’ role-perception in the organization.


Leadership Organizations’ Forum

Leadership Forum
The members of this Forum are organizations that develop young leadership.

The Forum dedicates it’s time to facilitating joint learning and updates regarding the pedagogic and academic aspects of the different organizations’ leadership programs.


Organization Managers’ Forum

Oragnizations forumsThe Forum was established as an organization of approximately 50 leading NGOs and organizations in the Israeli social field. Its goal is collaborative work for the promotion of key subjects in the Israeli social field. The Forum works with the assistance of Sheatufim as part of the effort to promote the civil society in Israel.

Third Sector CEOs Organization

CEO Forums
An Initiative of the organizations’ CEOs, formed independently which aims: to constitute a group promoting social sector impact and work to expand and professionalize social activity, and to develop dialogue with decision makers to promote the purposes and needs of the sector

Ethiopian Organization Forum

Ethiopian ForumThe Forum brings together a variety of organizations that represent Ethiopian immigrants in Israel in different areas – the legal area, the occupational area, etc.
The Forum works with the assistance of Sheatufim as part of the effort to promote civic society in Israel.


Forum activity example – CEOs Forum video: