Development and Collection of Knowledge and Data in the Field of Young Adults

In order to promote this field in Israel the Gandyr Foundation supports the development of existing knowledge in a number of ways:

  • Supporting academic research.
  • Formulating position papers.
  • Developing academic programs and training professionals in the field.
  • Pooling the knowledge existing in the various organizations and developing beneficiary models for work with young adults.
  • Making information regarding rights and services available and accessible to young adults.


Young adults Studies Program – Understanding Today the Young Adults of Tomorrow

The program for Young Adults Studies – Understanding today the young adults of tomorrow at the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo in partnership with Gandyr Foundation.

One of the main processes in advancing young adults in Israel is increasing the involvement of the academic world, and its ability to establish a theoretic and practical infrastructure to develop knowledge and research and to grow the next generation of experts in the field.

The program is based on an innovative scientific, multi facet discipline which involves fields such as: psychology, employment studies, economics, management, communication and governance. These studies are the basis for developing the course into an MA diploma.


Academic Research in the Field of Young Adults in Israel

The Gandyr Foundation is of the opinion that another means to assist the promotion of young adults in Israel is to increase the involvement of the academy in the field. Knowledge developed in academic research will have the power to support policy making processes and increase the influence and relevance of programs. To this end, during the last three years the Foundation has supported researches and researchers exploring the promotion of young Israeli adults.

Below is a list of researches supported by the Foundation, about which you can read in the Articles Page:

Researches on Young Adults


  • “Mapping out the Needs of Populations at Risk” – Midot Organization.
  • “Access to Higher Education” – Dr. Yariv Feniger.
  • “Young Adults at Risk after Army\National Service”, in collaboration with the Discharged Soldiers Foundation.
  • “Because You’re Young” – a presentation on the challenges of young adults in Israel.
  • “Characteristics of Early Adulthood in Israel” – Prof. Gali Zinamon.
  • Position Paper on Young Adults Policy – Sharon Loebl.
  • “Assisting Young Adults in Career Choice” – Prof. Itamar Gati.
  • “A Key to employment: A diagnosis of skills to promote the employment of young adults”- Prof. Liat Kulik and Dr. Benny Benjamin.
  • “Vulnerable Young Adults Transitioning into Adulthood” – Prof. Anat Zeira.
  • “Effective Best Practices for Leadership Groups in Centers for Young Adults” – Midot Organization.
  • “From higher education to employment” - The McKinsey Report.
  • “The yuong adults in Israel report” – Midot organization.

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Researches on Philanthropy


  • “Examining the Effectiveness of the Gandyr Foundation” – Midot Organization.
  • “The Link between Finding the God Particle and Collaborations” – test case: The Gandyr Foundation.
  • “Management Leads to Achievements in the Third Sector” – Dr. Ronit Amit.
  • “Why business Thinking is not the Answer” – Jim Collins.

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Position Papers

In order to promote the field and influence the policy of decision makers the Foundation invites experts on position papers to supply relevant information and action proposals in selected areas.


Below is an example of a policy paper funded by the Foundation:
National Policy for advancing Young Adults in Israel (hebrew)

Below is an example of a report published by the Foundation on young adults at risk:
Young Adults at Risk – a round table report (hebrew)

As part of the Foundation’s strategic program, Midot Organization conducted a research on young adults while mapping out the field and existing solutions and analyzing the current situation versus the desired situation.
The Young Adults in Israel report (hebrew)