Young Adults’ Involvement and Leadership

The Foundation’s goal in this area is to encourage and develop leadership among young adults in Israel and increase the number of young adults who choose activism as a tool for promoting the interests of their age group and of Israeli society.


Main Objectives

The Gandyr Foundation expects its activities to aid significant growth in the following areas:

  • The number of young activists from a variety of populations (veteran immigrants, from the center and from the periphery, men and women, from different ethnic groups), who are active independently and as a group in social, business, public and political arenas.
  • The number of young members of local authority councils and the number of young Knesset member.
  • The number of young adults absorbed in civic service
  • The number of active leadership groups in the Centers for Young Adults across the country and in third sector young adults organizations.


Main Activities


  • Supporting programs that promote the integration of educated and talented young adults in the public sector.
  • Encouraging the establishment of leadership groups at young adults’ organizations and centers, and supporting them.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of central programs and formulating best-practice models for leadership groups.
  • Supporting young adults communities and local young adults communities as an expression of young leadership.
  • Supporting organizations founded by young leadership program graduates

Main Achievements


  • There are dozens of active leadership groups in Young Adults’ Centers and in other organizations, all promoting projects that benefit young adults and society in general.
  • A Geocartography survey showed that young adults who are active in periphery leadership groups have a strong feeling of belonging to their settlement and feel capable of promoting change among the settlement’s decision makers.
  • Many active young adults participated in the municipal elections.
  • A best practice model for creating leadership groups in the Centers was formulated (with the assistance of Midot organization Press here to read the model (Hebrew)


The Foundation’s Activity – Video Clips

Shahaff Communities – a Unique Leadership Model

Shahaff Communities (active social partnership) is a model of a permanent social settlement established by a group of young adults from the socio-geographic periphery. Its goal is to create collaboration with the local community and significantly influence social and educational processes together with the local residents.

The Shahaff Foundation is a unique partnership between philanthropists from Israel and abroad who joined together to develop and promote the national movement of mission driven young adult groups from all social sectors and the diaspora. These groups are meant to integrate with the local community, and promote social change in the geographic and social periphery of Israel.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide financial, professional and organizational support to young adult mission driven communities. The Foundation supports the existing communities and also assists in the establishment of new communities, with the aim of reaching a general scope of 350 communities organized as a network and acting as a change-generating movement within five years.

The partnership foundations are The Gandyr Foundation, Oran Foundation, Rashi Foundation, The Jewish Agency, The JDC, Steinhardt Foundation, Russell Berrie Foundation, Morningstar Foundation, New York Federation, Arison Foundation, The Meyerhoff Funds, Yad Hanadiv, Mario Segale, Saul and Batia Shani and anonymous donors from Israel and abroad.

For More Info: Shahaff fund website