A Call for Innovative Programs for Young Adults – Now Closed!


The Gandyr Foundation’s Vision and Goals for the Field of Young Adults

As a family foundation which continues a long-time tradition of contribution and investment in society, the Gandyr Foundation strives towards an Israeli society that gives all citizens equal opportunities, enables them to fully actualize their personal and social potential, encourages them to contribute to their environment and community and take responsibility over them out of respect for the other and courage to generate change.

In our vision, we see Israel as a democratic state based on an active and diverse civil society in which there is ongoing dialogue and cooperation between the public sector, the business sector and the social sector aimed at establishing a prosperous and sustainable society.

The Foundation’s goal is to promote the field of young adults aged 18-30 towards their integration in society as contributing beneficial citizens in all areas of their lives: on the personal level, the familial level and the employment level.

In this call the Gandyr Foundation seeks to continue its support of programs for young adults while focusing on innovative programs and joint ventures of organizations.

Support Goals:

  • Encouraging innovative and unique programs for young adults in social organizations that have been supported in the past, are currently supported, or have never been supported by the Gandyr Foundation.
  • Increasing the impact on the field of young adults and promoting the Foundation’s vision for this field (see the Foundation’s vision in the opening paragraph above).

For Whom is the Support Intended?

  • Organizations already active in the field of young adults.
  • Organizations that are not currently active in the field and have an interest in developing an innovative program for young adults based on proven organizational demand connected to a relevant stage in the life of the organization or to one of the organization’s core areas of expertise that the CEO wishes to promote via the program.

Criteria for Discussion of Proposed Programs:

  • Program Innovation – the innovation of the program can be expressed in at least two of the following measures, including populations of young adults for which programs and solutions have yet to be developed; new work models; and innovative solutions that existing programs do not provide.
  • Nationwide programs for populations of hundreds of young adults.
  • The basic work assumption (change theory) of the program is built on a structured collection of needs and proven evidence from the field.
  • Preference will be given to proposals submitted as a collaboration between a number of organizations.
  • The program has the potential to widely influence the field of young adults in Israel by duplication or adaption to additional audiences.
  • Preference will be given to organizations with administrative and financial strength, proving success and high level of effectiveness in their work.
  • There is congruence between the program and the Foundation’s vision.

The Request Submission Process has Started!