Making young adults’ rights accessible –”Every Right” Portal

Every young adult who is about to finish military service, is considering higher education, thinking of starting a family or preparing to enter the work force, finds him\herself wondering about the steps that must be taken and the rights he\she deserves as a young adult in Israel.

The Gandyr Foundation and All Rights Organization created a portal dedicated to young adults’ rights. The portal concentrates all young adults’ rights in one place.

The information, which is organized in an accessible and clear manner, includes links to relevant forms and is updated frequently so that every young adult can learn what rights he\she deserves and how to exercise them at any given time.

The All Rights Project is a highly comprehensive data base on Israeli citizens’ rights and how to achieve and exercise them. The information is open and free. The data base is a product of collaboration between dozens of organizations and leading human rights specialists from the government, the academia and social organizations who all came together in order to create a comprehensive, reliable, up-to-date and accessible online encyclopedia of Israeli citizens’ rights in all areas of life.

More information and details can be found in the Young Adults’ Rights Website: